The second reform package: authorize the dismissal of the heads of local governments and to maintain the 15 ministries

11/08/2015 21:09

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Prime Minister is preparing to offer a second package of reforms to the legislature, which it is expected to include the sacking of a number of ministers after the reduction and the integration of their ministries, and to keep the fifteen Ministry in government cabin.

And granted reforms, in one paragraph, authorization for the dismissal of the Prime Minister and the heads of provincial governors and local councils and reduce their numbers, which raised the reluctance of some political blocs on the pretext that these measures "breach of the constitution."

The House of Representatives and raise its tenth meeting to next Thursday after finished reading the most important project of six laws give up citizenship acquired law, and select the twenty-fifth of the month of August as the date for the ongoing questioning of the Minister of Electricity.

He says the National Alliance MP Zaher al-Abadi said "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives prepared a paper presented special parliament and government after the vote on the reform package, which last held the meeting to the eleventh hour instead of ten in the morning."

He said al-Abbadi, told (the term), that "al-Abadi will provide a second set of reforms to the Council of Ministers and then sends it to the House of Representatives, and include the feminine number of ministries and some of its departments, and integrate with each other such as ministries and directorates."

The member bloc reform that "the second reform package includes the sacking of a large number of ministers, because of the integration and the abolition of some ministries as well as control operations and file corruption and processed," pointing out that "the ministerial cabin will be limited to 15 ministries after limbering".

MP speaks on the visual "integration of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of one, and the Environment and the Ministry of Health, and Technology with the Ministry of Higher Education, and Agriculture and Water Resources Ministry, as well as the cancellation of the Ministries of Women and human rights".

For its part, asserts smile Hilali, an MP for the coalition of state law, that "the House of Representatives managed to pass the government and the parliamentary papers reform," noting that "the new reforms is to reducing its number of general managers, a move that does not require a vote in the House of Representatives but is of powers granted to the Prime Minister. "

She said Hilali, during an interview for the (long), that "the reforms gave a mandate to the Prime Minister to dismiss governors and heads of provincial and local councils to reduce their numbers," asserting that "the House of Representatives will hold a further hearing to vote and discuss new reforms that will send the government."

Under the reforms, in one paragraph, to authorize the Prime Minister to dismiss governors and heads of provincial councils and local and reduce their numbers, triggering reluctance of some political blocs on the grounds that it breaches the constitution.
Says MP Hassan Turan, a member of the legal committee of parliamentary, that the "Authorization aims to speed up the implementation of some reforms demanded by the masses and that came out in several provinces," pointing out that "the dismissals to be implemented by the Prime Minister will be in accordance with the law and the Constitution after the House vote on this authorization ".

He said Tauran, told the (range), that "all dismissals must be subject to the House of Representatives and pass this institution in order to protect it from any appeals against it in the Federal Court," pointing out that "each package comes to the House of Representatives will be dealt with positively from in order to be passed. "