National Business Council: Government reforms will strengthen economy

Twilight News / Iraqi National Business Council said on Tuesday that the reforms put forward by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "will support the country's economy," expressing his readiness to support the reforms, expertise and money.

The head of the Council David Abdul Zayer in a statement responded to Twilight News, "The Council is following with great reform steps that have expressed an economic vision on the one hand and the beginning of administrative reform to fight corruption on the other hand with interest."

"The Business Council believes that these steps, which came in response to the directives of the religious authority and governance in response to the pulse of the people, who have suffered over the past years from the injustice of the system at all levels of government, represented by the lack of services, degradation and corruption Financial ".

He noted that "the people had hoped that the improved conditions after the change in 2003, but it appeared the failure is clear in the legislative system that have been neglected a lot of projects and laws that are directly related to the lives of citizens, creating a state of despair and frustration citizen has been the victim of terrorism, which was left on thing between the rampant corruption in the joints of the community. "

He Zayer, "The Council looks at these steps beginning to restore confidence to the citizen so requires attached to other steps bold" to the feminine State Astosal corruption and the corrupt, and we spend quickly on all forms of quotas partisan and sectarian to be a citizen state as stated in the Constitution to take the competencies of national and expertise place in the joints of work ".

Zayer stressed that "the Iraqi National Business Council at the time that these steps bless it and supported it declares" full readiness and absolute in serious contribution in supporting the government and the development of potential and experience and his money for the development of the Iraqi economy and building our beloved Iraq."