Abboud al-Issawi: Re-funds and state property enough to fill part of the budget deficit

8/11/2015 6:04 p.m.

called the National Alliance MP Abboud al-Issawi, on Tuesday, upsetting and review of the sale and purchase and rent operations in violation of the law to all state funds or which took spoofing since 2003 until now, and re-sold and leased in accordance with the sale and lease of state property law, noting that re state funds to all provinces sponsor to fill part of the budget deficit.

Issawi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, it was "no secret to everyone what he suffered public money from waste and theft and loss of assets abroad and falsification of documents for the property and territory of the country in the real estate registration and operations of buying and selling non-fundamentalist or a bidding formality is legal or use exceptions or illegal decisions in the process of buying and selling state funds, so it is necessary to issue a government decision revoking and review the buying and selling of public funds and state property and verified since 2003 until now. "

He said al-Issawi, said "This measure, if enacted, and re-process sale and lease of state property in all provinces, it will be a guarantor that fills part of the budget deficit, and thus will be the state unable to pay its staff salaries and other entitlements and accessories war against terrorism, as well as an effective anti-corruption ".

With regard to one of the bases the process of reforms that can be achieved a time sufficient , stressed "the need for electoral system change by adopting individual nominations and the adoption of multiple provinces circles by district, as this system will make reference deputy or the member of the provincial council is the public and not the menu or head of the list."

He pointed out that this system "creates a base and elite able to the implementation of reforms, including the amendment of the Constitution and the adoption of the required legislation and focus on the control and leave the political consensus which was adopted at all stages and aspects of the state and led to break the back of democratic transformation in the country, ".anthy