After ousting Maliki forms new Dawa "Special Wing" 8/11
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Thread: After ousting Maliki forms new Dawa "Special Wing" 8/11

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    After ousting Maliki forms new Dawa "Special Wing" 8/11

    After the announcement of seclusion. Al-Maliki announces the formation of a new (bandages, Badr and Dawa special wing) only!
    Date: Tuesday, 11-08-15 10:55 am

    A senior political source revealed the State of law Coalition, determination, Vice President Nouri al-Maliki, forming a new political declaration independently of party politicians.
    The source, who did not disclose that "Maliki intends to announce a new isolation from some wings of the Dawa party, which intends to separate from the Secretariat of the Communist Party."
    He added that "to Maliki announced named it (resistance and resilience), stating that" formation featuring sincere block (AAH) and Badr bloc, and the State of law Coalition (follow the Maliki only) and Dawa Suite Maliki). "
    The "but have not yet agreed on the date of announcement of the new composition of Al-Maliki, for several reasons, the most important unresolved issue: the isolation of the General Secretariat of the Dawa party, another reason is not convinced a block parliamentary leader Hadi Badr al Amri".
    The source said that "Ameri is the main reason to stop advertising for this hardware, due to problems within the parliamentary coalition rejects block of BADR with Maliki for the bad reputation and internationally"

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    Re: After ousting Maliki forms new Dawa "Special Wing" 8/11

    The new party is going to be called "Bennie and the Jets" or "Dead men walking"

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