Iraq increases the sale price of Basra crude
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 12:08

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) said on Tuesday that Iraq has raised the official selling shipments of September from the price of Basra Light crude

to Asia customers $ 0.50 to an average of Oman and Dubai crude price minus $ 1.45 a barrel from the previous month.

SOMO said in a statement that it will identifies the heavy price of Basra crude in September shipments heading to Asia at an average price of Oman and Dubai crude minus $ 5.55 a barrel.

As for the markets of North and South America , the price of Basra Light crude for September shipments are determined at Argus index of high-sulfur crudes minus $ 0.15 a barrel, an increase from the previous month. As Kirkuk crude declined to the United States to the Argus index plus 0.50 dollars a barrel.

Basra Light crude shipments to Europe in September price has fall by $ 1.10 to immediate less in Brent to $ 5.15 a barrel. The price of Kirkuk crude shipments declined to Europe customers to Brent minus $ 5.15