KDP: Barzani will remain in office with full powers after August 20
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 14:30

Shafaq News / Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced on Tuesday, that the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani will remain in office with full powers after the end of the extension

of his mandate in 20th of current August, denying that the Chairman of the Parliament of Kurdistan , Yusuf Mohamed would take powers of president of the region after the indicated date.

This came during a news conference after a delegation from KDP chaired by its Vice President and the President of the regional , Nechirvan Barazani with Kurdistan Communist Party, devoted to explain what has been deliberated in the meeting and his opinion on matters of the Constitution and the amendment presidency of the region law.

A member of KDP delegation leader , Mahmoud Mohammed said at a press conference, which was attended by Shafaq News, that all efforts are being made to solve problems before reaching the date of ending the mandate of the president of the region in the twentieth of this month, denying that any parties will take the post of the Parliament Speaker with the end of the mentioned date .

Mohammed said that if meeting ended without reaching an agreement of the parties, the legal expertís opinion is that there will not be a vacuum in office because the elections are not held so far.

Barzani has sent a message to political parties and the people of Kurdistan demanding the political blocs to reach agreement by consensus among all the parties to resolve the issue of the presidency of the region before the twentieth of current August, alluding to resort to early elections in the event of the failure of the parties in compatibility.