Integrity: 13 misdemeanor case money laundering banks eligibility for deduction

Economy - justice Baghdad-3:36-11/08/2015 - hits: 13

Specialized correctional court confirmed the claims of integrity in Baghdad 13 issue civil banks concerning charges of money laundering, saying 20 accused in these cases some degree of Chairman. the trial judge Radhi said fartusi "pleadings are currently about 13 cases concerning money laundering, each of which contains a claim for the right of native Bank", noting that "most en route to the". "there are 20 of these cases and their : Degree of Chairman or the Director, as well as customers, and increased the "Tribunal correctionnel completed during the past period missing all the action" Bart "cases have been moved by the Central Bank, after the Office of financial supervision violations on a number of private banks.
And between "there are suspicions that some funds were diverted to a fictitious company in an Arab country, and has asked the Central Bank to prove those allegations."
He also asked the cleric, "the Central Bank select value, the amounts are in hard currency, and their origin, whereabouts currently are disposed." and stated that "the legal representative for the Central Bank told the Court that the accused some banks started repaying what her disposal of funds", stressing that "this action does not fall lawsuits if it finds harm on public money"