Parliament session on 12/8 should be constitutionally and legally rigorous critical
By: gazwan
Date: Tuesday, 11-08-15 07:23 am

Tariq Harb
Since the reforms announced by the Prime Minister on 9/8/2015 does not need a majority to Parliament or the Cabinet's approval, the State President was subtle and skillful when mentioned at the end of the reforms,
Should be presented to the Cabinet for approval and submission to the Parliament for approval even though they fall within constitutional powers laid down in article 78 of the Constitution, which made him directly responsible for the implementation of the general policy of the State, not just government policy. Any it Executive policy in Parliament and head of State and Government and State bagmhaa, so that the term (State) includes everything mentioned above, if a vote by Parliament at its meeting on 12/8/2015 is by simple majority after quorum, i.e. that the topic would go easy on Parliament, the quorum will be achieved in the presence of the 165 deputies only, and will be approved by a vote of 83 Deputies only, as long as the number of328 deputies and the Constitution to make it easy and simple, and if the Council of Ministers has approved these reforms after less than two hours, the Parliament must follow the Cabinet, members of Parliament should be the level of responsibility and the level of the subject of these reforms, the vote within a period not exceeding the time, after the meeting, and to follow the voting declaration of Parliament apply to Parliament itself First to be a model for other State departments, where it is reduced to half the protections Declaration, for example, wetrshik staff, managers and consultants in half, cutting out redundant and abolish financial allocations are issued to parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, shut down testimony and refrain from buying furniture, cars, and other actions taken by Parliament, could be an example for other State departments, so that the financial and numerical mutations to Parliament very large enough to know Parliament budget 2006 for example, balancing the current Parliament and staff of Parliament 2006 And staff of the Parliament, finally say: all of the above must be done on 12/8 and not postpone anything to another session.