Iraqi Islamic Banks promote small & medium enterprises 8/11
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Thread: Iraqi Islamic Banks promote small & medium enterprises 8/11

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    Iraqi Islamic Banks promote small & medium enterprises 8/11

    Iraqi Islamic banks will raise the banner of small and medium-sized enterprises in Oman
    By: gazwan
    Date: Tuesday, 11-08-15 07:29 am

    Iraq today/special
    Student Association President Iraqi Islamic Bank-Managing Director of the Islamic National Bank, Sadek Al-shammari: "formation of the credit portfolio, especially by small and medium-sized enterprises,
    Al-shammari spoke in modern Iraq "today" on occasion invited to this claim: "the Forum of small and medium-sized enterprises-the road to economic growth, which will be held in Oman on 26 August, the current will be crucial, as will highlight the role of small and medium-sized enterprises in achieving economic and social development, research on the importance of financial inclusion, and the requirements of the environment aTo favourable to the strengthening of the role of the Arab banking sector, and regional and international organizations, leveraging the impact of corporate social responsibility in supporting and developing small and medium-sized enterprises, and their role in economic development and social justice, and issues paper that would attend the Conference, read: "I will talk at the Conference on Islamic banking and finance small and medium-sized enterprises by highlighting the experience of alaraIn this type of banking activity in addressing economic and social problems, and to reduce unemployment and employment, through the consolidation of sustainable development which gives priority to the rights of present and future generations, harnessing financial returns for the banking sector in supporting productive activities of small and medium-sized enterprise sector and micro-enterprises, and other things preparation concern, will provide interestHer mother: "I shall put at the Conference the importance of developing a portfolio of credit for small and medium-sized enterprises, dedicated funding for this type of activity as an essential part of the work, to revive the economies in Arabic and the development of the productive sectors", and the benefits of doing this step we may credit the expression: "such a step would attract Arabic and foreign capital that can move the wheel of development indicators In this regard: "Islamic banks in Iraq, achieved qualitative activity, despite the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country, and the difficulties faced by economic sectors, including the banking sector," the Islamic banks in Iraq: "the magnitude of the spread of Islamic banks in Iraq, increased by 10 years for a very high percentage, where increased to more than 10 banks, and doubledV private capital, for more than $ 2.5 trillion dinars. Equivalent to approximately two billion dollars, also has more than 100, cover most provinces serving despite impediments to work, most notably the absence of a law on Islamic banking, which is expected by the Iraqi Council of representatives shortly after being approved by the Central Bank of Iraq ", on the subject of" financial inclusion "and its role in the work of the Conference, commented:" the subject of shamari financial inclusion, and its role in enterprise development Small and medium-sized enterprises, will receive a share of the proposals submitted by the participants in the Conference on Oman ", about the usefulness of" financial inclusion ":" the idea of financial inclusion, to enable low-income families to obtain various financial services, particularly in the area of opening a financial account or obtain financing at lower cost, and expectations about the success of the Forum: "the meeting of Oman is expected to witness an effective presence in Addressing formulas and Islamic finance products for small and medium-sized enterprises, and develop its role in social justice, and study the dimensions of Islamic banks, in the Islamic National Bank and its qualitative evolution, with the Islamic banking worldwide, and must enclose the reader notes that international reports quoted experts as saying that "small and medium-sized enterprises,Accounts for about 8 percent of the total financing provided by banks Arabic ", saying that" for a very few, so it's only about half the funding for large corporations by banks, as Arabic society "these reports noted:" the Arabic region faces high unemployment, especially in the proportion of young people and women while Arabic States make efforts to develop the size of these projects ", and that altkarirali result is "The banking sector plays an important role in financing small and medium-sized enterprises in sound investment environment", to "focus on small investors, youth and women in marginal areas where the incidence of poverty and unemployment more than others."
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