Crowd: complete preparation for the storming of Fallujah

Date: Tuesday, 11-08-15 05:56 am

Baghdad/Baghdad newsletter
A member of a body of opinion in the crowd popular cream Noori, stop

Stretch bands daash terrorist in Anbar, with the possible operations to storm Fallujah.
Nouri said that the "popular crowd forces managed to stop the stretch bands daash terrorist in Anbar after planning to attack those bands with more than one axis.
He noted that "there are possible operations to storm Fallujah and edited dance daash takfiri" pointing out "that the reinforcements and the correct plans contribute to successfully RAID".
He said Al-Nouri that "reveal plans to storm Fallujah," he said, adding that "the fight results must be the least human losses in aalamnet and the popular crowd as well as the preservation of lives of civilians."