Sayadi calls for the House of Representatives and the ministers not to delay the issue of dual nationality

Baghdad-scales News - Called the National Alliance MP Kazem Sayadi, Tuesday, the House of Representatives and the ministers not to delay the issue of dual nationality, blaming "political parties responsible for the destruction of Iraq.

He said Sayadi in a news conference attended / scales News / The "Although Mbarkina reforms voted on by the House of Representatives today, but it moved away from the essence of the problem in the country," explaining that "the demands of everyone, including the demonstrators are the Iraqi Council of Representatives solution."

He said a member of the National Alliance for "collecting signatures to dissolve the House of Representatives", stressing that "there is enough money for the elections, including the money seized by the House of Representatives of $ 13 billion Iraqi dinars per month."

He stressed that "the existence of authorization for the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi by all audiences and reference to dissolve ministerial cabin and give a period for the formation of ministers Techno Hippocrates of outside parties."

Sayadi and carry the responsibility of "the destruction of Iraq, and the solution of the country, for the parties and their policy of sectarianism and Hysteresis and reactionary."

He said the National Alliance MP, that "the Iraqi Nationality Law No. 26 of 2006 acknowledged in Article IX Fourthly, not to carry other citizenship acquired to assume sovereign position or a senior, security unless it gave up that second nationality," and urged "not to this procrastination subject, in order not to give a chance to those who have used 250 billion US dollars from the Iraqi budget for the purposes of luxury themselves ".anthy 29/28