The parliamentary Finance: fiscal deficit budget for the year 2015 will exceed 45%
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 11-08-15 04:12 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news

The parliamentary Finance Committee, predicted that the declining revenues during the months

The remainder of this year, indicating that the fiscal deficit for the budget year 2015 will exceed the 45% ".
Committee Member said Magda El-Tamimi Al-qirtas "news", "indicators of global oil market indicates decrease due to the volume of sales of petroleum exporting countries, especially under OPEC, not to mention Iran's entry to the world oil market and oil price decline.
Tamimi said that "budget for the year 2015 are painted and fixed price sales and is different from market expectations", noting that "the House of representatives voted on the federal budget bill for the year 2015, $ 119 trillion dinars, exceeding the net deficit of about 25 trillion dinars and rate my guess of $ 56 per barrel and an export rate of 3.3 million barrels.
And Tamimi confirmed that "due to declining oil prices below $ 56 during the first half of this year, imports to Iraq achieved approximately 25 trillion dinars in strayed retreat of oil prices during the second half of the year, we expect revenue to fall to below 22 trillion dinars".