Parliament's approval for reforms Abadi need to vote only 83 deputies

Brother - Baghdad - Legal expert Tareq Harb said that "the reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi need a simple majority of the House of Representatives for approval and was constitutionally did not need to approve this."

He said the war in a statement received for News Agency (et) a copy of it, that "the reforms announced by the Prime Minister yesterday do not need Bakthreytha parliament ratification or approval of the Cabinet, the prime minister was subtle and skillful when he mentioned at the end of these reforms should be presented to the Council of Ministers for approval and submission to the Parliament for approval even though it within his constitutional powers laid down in Article 78 of the Constitution. "

He said the "constitutional article mentioned the Prime Minister directly responsible made on the implementation of the general policy of the state and not the general policy of the Government of only meaning it is an executive responsible for public policy in Parliament and head of state and government and the state as a whole so that the term [state] includes everything you mentioned earlier."

He pointed out war "if the vote by the Parliament in its forthcoming be by simple majority after quorum is achieved any that the matter will be easy and easy to Parliament, as will be achieved quorum in the presence of 165 deputies only and will be approved, by only 83 deputies as long as the number of deputies to 328 and so the Constitution make it easy and simple. "

"The Cabinet had agreed to these reforms after less than two hours on the issuance, the House of Representatives to follow the example of the Council of Ministers and to be members of parliament the level of responsibility and the level of the subject of these reforms so that the vote within a period not exceeding one hour after the hearing."

He called the legal expert that "follows this vote declaration of Parliament to apply these reforms on himself first in order to be a model for departments other country where it is reducing protections announcement in half, for example, and reducing its number of employees, managers and advisers in half as well and dispense with redundant and the abolition of the financial allocations that are disbursed to MPs and staff Parliament and to stop the deputations and refrain from buying furniture and cars, but that measures which could Parliament be taken so that it is an example of government departments other so that financial booms and numerical Parliament very large enough for it to know the budget Parliament in 2006, for example, and balancing the current Parliament and the number of Parliament staff for that year and the number of employees currently, and we say that all of the above should be the next Parliament session and not to postpone anything to another session. "

He is scheduled to hold the House of Representatives tomorrow, which will include its regular supply and voting on the many reforms taken by the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi started yesterday and approved by the Council of Ministers.