The parliamentary Finance Committee: Deputy State law, "Al-Maliki". Involved in Embezzling 1.6 billion every month. State budget!
Date: Monday, 10-08-15 02:50 pm

The parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that more than six billion Iraqi dinar would respond to the State budget if the dismissal of Deputy Presidents and Ministers.
Committee Member said Masood Hyder, the Prime betrshik Government as well as the sacking of Deputy Presidents and Ministers bold step and break political quotas.
He said that if the resolution was implemented and became effective more than six billion dinars will be reported monthly to the State budget that was spent on the six deputies as mental offices and incidentals and protections and nominal salary too.
He noted that deputies ' nominal salaries of up to 250 million Iraqi dinars per month.
He said that it opposed resolutions Abadi, it involved the embezzlement of the above amount.
Recall that the State of law and Maliki's Dawa they just wing conscientious objectors to the decision to dismiss Al-Abbadi Vice-Presidents, as most lawmakers follow Al-Maliki described the resolution as "illegal and unconstitutional, and did not study properly and competent.