Sistani's office denies the existence of a representative of reference of the Committee on Government Reforms

Monday 10-08-2015 | 9:58:37

Twilight News / denied top religious authority, Ali al-Sistani's office Monday and presence of a representative of the reference in the Commission on the Status of government reforms package.

The office said on its website that "the informed source in Mr. Sistani's office in Najaf commented on the reported some local newspapers, in the words of former Minister Jassim Mohammed Jaafar of (that there are contacts between the Prime Minister and the Office of the religious authority in Najaf morning last Friday was which it was agreed to form a sub-committee comprising experts from Abadi office and a representative of reference for the development of a package of reforms). "

He added that "the source categorically denies that to be the office of Mr. Sistani aware of any committee to develop a package of government reforms as well as to have a representative in it."

He stressed that "the position of supreme religious authority is contained in a Friday sermon in the words of its representative Mr. Ahmed net of the need to speed up serious steps to combat corruption and achieve social justice, and either put the necessary measures details in this regard is of the functions of the Prime Minister and other officials in the state."