Oil dispute widens between Baghdad and Erbil 8/10
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Thread: Oil dispute widens between Baghdad and Erbil 8/10

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    Oil dispute widens between Baghdad and Erbil 8/10

    Oil dispute widens sister between Baghdad and Erbil ..aswaq aggrieved biggest oil

    BAGHDAD / expansion of the oil dispute between Baghdad and Erbil on the back of disparities suffered by the agreement which brought the two parties signed last year in an attempt to draw a clear outline of the mechanism of extraction and export of Iraqi oil as well as the distribution of resources.

    According to the investigation published by the newspaper "Washington Post" the US was published on the day and translates as "eye Iraq News", said the oil dispute between Baghdad and Erbil are exposed to severe confusion now because of concern about dissolved with the growing negative impact not only on Iraq but on the world oil market Palmatty with the The government in the region to export oil directly to world markets through the Turkish port of Ceyhan and fields in addition to the disputed fields in Kirkuk, bucking ratios something to offer OPEC offer versus demand threatened thereby increase the supply at the required and thus lower oil prices are once again including Allth Kurdish government as legitimate quest for obtaining the basic resources for having to pay the salaries of its employees and its fighters on the ground, and announced Baghdad as an illegal measure that has been held accountable by the repeated legally.

    This comes at a time when the varied interpretations of the causes of this dispute, where officials in the provincial government announced the Washington Post that the central government had promised to provide financial payments to the provincial government in exchange for the second provision to the amount of 550,000 barrels per day to the General Oil Company of Iraq, but according to what he said Chairman of the Committee oil in the regional parliament, "Erez Abdullah," the region's inability to provide the agreed quota technique difficulties, prompting the central government to the physical contrast up to be 30-40% of the amount due but it continued even after the submission of Alaqlm full ration stressing during his speech that "The two sides had failed to heed the terms of the Convention and now are exchanging accusations", where the varied reactions Iraqi politicians concerned by their attitudes Vozyr former oil and member of the oil in the current central parliament, "Ibrahim Mohammed Bahr al-Ulum", had confirmed to the newspaper that the central government that has good relations with Kurds and re revive oil agreement.

    It recalls that the sharp differences have intensified after stop the transfer of oil from the provincial government to the General Company for Iraqi oil fully as Iraqi officials said, where headed the provincial government to export about 600,000 barrels daily from Turkey through Ahtcarelaaidat her away from any agreement or formal framework to govern This act with the central government, which waved in turn take legal approaches to stop the region from oil exports away from the official frameworks between the two parties, at a time when the official spokeswoman confirmed the provincial government, "Safin Dyaze" by saying that "the clear message that Nbosha to Baghdad is that we prefer to deal But at the same time we can not wait to bankruptcy, "stressing that the deal is good but is not adequately respect its provisions to continue to work.

    In addition, the Bahr al-Ulum announced in the same context that "there is a clear reason to stop the province from pumping oil to the center," adding that the dispute may be politically contrived, where this comes at a time when the former adviser and one declared members of the Dawa Party, "Rubaie "which is one of the opponents of the deal to see him which of the features obtained by the province without parallel maturity by saying," I can now to announce the signing of a certificate of death of the deal, it has collapsed, "stressing that Alacard are involved in their independence, but they are now trying, and every effort absorb all they can financially absorbed from Baghdad before doing so, describing the situation as Kurdish woman half holder, where he said, "that the semi-autonomous state experienced by the region can not defend it, you are not able to afford only half a woman."

    It is worth mentioning, the neglect suffered by him because of the current political situation in Baghdad and popular demonstrations demanding reform and the fight against corruption this file at a time when the country is facing a financial crisis because of the emptiness of its budget may malfunction significantly revive the Convention and repaired prepared by specialists basic as the key to improving the relationship between Arbil and Baghdad. 5 ended.

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