Integrity begins to open "millions deals" Files: Snfdh senior officials in the State

Since 08/10/2015 20:34 pm (Baghdad time)

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Said the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Ribawar Taha, on Monday, his committee received a directive from the government Integrity Commission on the opening of corrupted files for "Magdy Rady deals" with the need to investigate with the accused officials of corruption "Whatever" was his position and degree of functional, he revealed the existence of a mechanism for questioning Ministers of State and corrupt officials and the accused files and issues on a regular basis in the House of Representatives.

Taha said L / scales News / "The committee has a very large corrupted files back the previous and current governments, without exception," explaining that "the investigations began to reveal spoilers in the country legally and judicially and hold them accountable after proving the charges against them."

He said the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary "Government Integrity informed us of the need to open" deals "millions files in implementation of the paper government reform and that benediction with the consent of the political blocs and the parliament," pointing out that "censorship is working seriously and we will work to uncover the" big heads corrupt "in order to weed them outside the government system and the legislative. "

This "revealed high-level government source, on Sunday, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Integrity Commission has delegated all its formations exceptional powers to detect all the widespread corruption in the country."

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for / scales News /, that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi authorized the Integrity Commission in all its formations extraordinary powers to fight rampant in the state of corruption and by the extraordinary demonstrations by the Baha citizens during the past period," noting that "al-Abadi face to form a fact-finding and investigating teams and adjust to all manifestations of corruption that operate in secret detention "lobbies corruption" and "money laundering" and "princes of embezzlement of public money."

This "and announced that the board of integrity, for" formation of a higher committee headed by Deputy Chairman of the Authority and a number of general managers, entrusted with the task of following up funds inflation officials in the Iraqi state ".anthy / 29 / d 24