"Horse" reveals forged editions category of 25 000 dinars ..walaguetsad parliamentary check

Special - scales News - Traders revealed, Monday, for the emergence of editions forged from class 25 thousand dinars in the market Shorja and beautiful downtown Baghdad because of the lack of "horse", in turn, stressed the economic and investment commission parliamentary member Ahmed Salim Abdul Rahman that the committee addressed the police crimes Alaqsadah Central Bank official letter to determine the circumstances issue, among economist Majid picture it's very hard currency Enzuer 25 thousand dinars, indicating that the central bank plans to use the modern tradition of the process and prevent "rigged".

He revealed for traders / scales News / for "the emergence of forged editions of 25 thousand dinars category in the Shorja market and beautiful center of the capital Baghdad," and argued that it "does not contain the security code" horse "in the paper."

He said traders who spoke on condition of anonymity, said "there are criminals taking advantage of the economic chaos and financial, political and security crises in the country to target the local currency through counterfeit currency was published in the Iraqi market", revealing at the same time "the existence of private foreign agendas neighboring countries behind the spread of counterfeit currency in market in order to hit the Iraqi economy and the national currency. "

In the same vein Rahman said L / scales News / "The committee has received numerous complaints from citizens and some traders the existence of cases of fraud local currency, especially in the currency of 25 thousand dinars," revealing at the same time, "the Committee to address the police crimes Alaqsadah Central Bank official letter to learn circumstances of the case. "

He said a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, said that "the Commission is now waiting for answers to economic crimes and the central bank to take legal action on the issue."

In a related development confirmed the picture's / scales News /, that "what appeared in the media for currency 25 thousand new dinars spread in the market are" false "baseless," noting that "it is very difficult to imitate forging this new currency due to paper quality and print ".

He said economic expert, said that "the Central Bank was used in the printing of the new currency, modern and up to date plans to prevent any attempt to falsify in Iraq."

This "revealed a number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs for the emergence editions forged a class of twenty-five thousand dinars on the market, do not contain the security code" horse ", calling for the central bank to take its procedures to limit the spread in the local market," .anthy 29/9 P