Expert calls for the establishment Energy Bank to finance oil projects ..ohichaelh insurance sector


Dinars / Nabil Fawzi / .. called an economist on the government to set up Energy Bank to finance oil projects and is a point of attraction for investors, pointing at the same time that the quick re-structuring to in the insurance sector and taking a course as required will contribute to supplement the country's economy.

The economist said Abdul Rahman al-Mashhadani told / JD /: "The establishment of energy bank sector be mixed regard to the financing of energy projects only and that for the advancement of this vital sector as it proved that the State is unable alone on the financing and management of this sector and will it appropriate and encouraging to attract small investors, rather than put their money in their homes, as well as stimulate this investment Iraq Stock Exchange if what has been established, "noting that" Saudi Arabia has recently resorted to this trend where offered new electricity projects to investors to ease pressure on its budget in excess of $ 300 billion, equivalent to three times Iraq's budget, and has reserves of gold and foreign exchange more than ten times what belongs to our country. "

However, the economic expert: the restructuring of the insurance sector and increase the participation and effectiveness in the national economy in line with the next phase which will see a major economic renaissance in our country will enter Albild new investment patterns come by transnational companies Requirements which requires on until the insurance companies, re-Iraqi insurance to accommodate the demand for insurance services, note our companies with a long history in the insurance activity which is well known for its expertise and experience Iriba and internationally, stressing the need to resolve the situation and the Ministry of Industry and other self-funded and stalled activity ten years ago and has become these companies burden on the the budget, as it turned from funded companies self to funded companies centrally and this violates the goals established for it and there are several solutions to address their positions, including faculty privatization or partial privatization or liquidation, according to the ability of each company to improve their conditions and return to the production target and achieve profits and when making the liquidation option must staff transfer to departments or other ministries in order to Aalhak them any harm.

He said, "that" the cause of fiscal policy failed to achieve the economic and societal goals is to ignore the application of strategies and plans, drawn up by some government agencies in cooperation with international institutions, which hired Iraqi expertise from outside the state institutions and in cooperation with foreign expertise, "explaining that" underdevelopment that accompanied the financial and political in Iraq have unplanned owners jurisdiction through the development of a deep study to address the crises that may accompany fiscal policy in Iraq as the political-financial situation in Iraq, control poor and that to succeed laws that this political control in Iraq. "

According to al-Mashhadani, "All these things are the result of the absence of state institutions caused by partisan conflicts, which categorized into about sectarian slogans and ethnic, do not take into consideration the supreme national interests and the interests of citizens, and that led to the quota system and the exclusion of professional and principle equal opportunities for all state institutions ".. / end / ..