Iyad Allawi: ready to give up all our positions have been achieving the people's demands

By Shaima Mohammed

7 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Announced Vice President Iyad Allawi, on Monday, he is the one who wants to leave his post, and there is no reason to leave, expressed the readiness of his bloc to give up all their posts have been achieve the demands of the Iraqi people.

Allawi said at a news conference with leaders of the bloc, "We are with Mr. Prime Minister, and are willing to give up all our positions, even in the House of Representatives that has been achieve the demands of the Iraqi people."

And about the prime minister Haider al-Abadi decision to cancel the positions of major Congress of the Republic, ministers, Allawi said "I want to leave from office, and no one calls me to leave, I'm not interested in the job and I left it ten years ago," Msttrda by saying, "We fought for Iraq, and we will fight for him even without the positions. "

"The rampant corruption in the country as a result of the quota system and the policy of quotas", persisting by saying, "Let us repeatedly to form a rescue or an early election government, and we consider that early elections are the best solution."

Allawi called for "building a national army" of Iraq, also called for "dismantling of the Green Zone and investigate with the corrupt," he said. "I fought corruption when I was prime minister and formed a Board of Supreme Audit and supported by, and we were the only ones who have made the final budget."

Allawi described the political process in Iraq as "decomposed", stressing the need to "hold negligent, and the abolition granted to agencies to hand and the range and a certain party, and the release of detainees malicious charges, and the enactment of important laws, and to achieve national reconciliation, to address the crisis in Iraq."