Restart oil refinery west Ramadi 8/10
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Thread: Restart oil refinery west Ramadi 8/10

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    Restart oil refinery west Ramadi 8/10

    A local official: Restart oil refinery west of Ramadi
    After six years on a stopover


    Local Iraqi official, said on Monday, that the engineering cadres re-run refinery "modern" in Anbar province (110 km west of the Iraqi capital), which is considered one of the most important Iraqi oil refineries, after 6 years on a stopover.
    Chairman of the Board Haditha District, Khaled Suleiman, said in a press statement followed up (Basenyoz) that "the engineering staff re-run a modern refinery in Haditha District (160 km west of Ramadi), because of the difficulty the delivery of oil derivatives from Baghdad to modern people because of the siege imposed on them by the organization Daash, since mid-2014 to the present day. "

    Solomon said, "The modern refinery oil tanks which contain up to 80 thousand tons of raw materials, some of which were pumped to the refinery and gas production have white oil in huge quantities large enough and the people of Haditha District and hand-Baghdadi trapped by the Daash".
    He continued by saying "the distribution of oil material on the white parents in Haditha District and hand al-Baghdadi, according to the ration card system; where each family receives 40 liters of these materials for use in cooking."
    Suleiman and that "the modern refinery was turned off from work six years ago because of security conditions, when he was threatened by al-Qaeda at the time before entering the organization Daash". He pointed out that "the cadres did not work at full energies drained, because of the circumstances and the current situation, we are only running to meet the needs of the people of eliminating those materials necessary in the lives of citizens."


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    Re: Restart oil refinery west Ramadi 8/10

    This is a very telling developement. Great find!

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