Attiyah confirms its support for the package of reforms announced by the Prime Minister and prepared a step in the right direction

By Mohammed Emad

two four 8/10/2015

Brother - Baghdad
The head of the Supreme Commission for Hajj and Umrah Khalid al-Attiyah support for the package of reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which is a step in the right direction and a road map for the advancement of the country and the elimination of corruption and the corrupt.

He said in a press statement today that "the reforms announced by the Prime Minister, which came in response to the directives of the religious authority and rational voice of the people who demanded reform and the provision of services, require parking political forces along with al-Abadi."

He added, "I put all the possibilities of the body at the disposal of the prime minister to be loyal soldiers in the trenches of construction and reform, as is the case with the heroes of the popular crowd and the sons of the security forces who are fighting Daash terrorist gangs fighting in the trenches."

"We are moving under the guidance our reference governance and reforms of Prime Minister in the fight against corruption and corrupt and re-task assessment and performance manner that achieves the objectives of the Commission advancement by work, which is in line with the orientations of the reformist government in order to provide better services to citizens and work side by side with all institutions in order to provide a free and dignified life to the Iraqi people. "

Al-Attiyah called on the House of Representatives to stand with the Prime Minister to implement these reforms and to achieve the desired anti-corruption national goals and improve the level of services provided to citizens.