Mass change: the House of Representatives in front of two choices: either fight corruption or political suicide

By Mohammed Emad

one forty 8/10/2015

Brother - Baghdad
Confirmed the MP for change of Kurdish parliamentary bloc Serwa Abdul Wahid n "Iraqi Council of Representatives has two choices do not have a third, either obey the street view and decide immediately in corrupt accounting or ignore the demands of the masses and this is a political suicide".

Said Abdul Wahid in a press release, received for News Agency (et) a copy of that "as called for by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of reforms, very important step, even though it came late, saying that the mass change supports this step with all Latina of force."
It showed that social justice has become a requirement turnout can not be undone, claim at the same time "open all files of corruption, and bring all of Iraq's money smuggled since 2003, which is estimated trillion US dollars have been thrown away or smuggled.

Calling the political blocs to speak with one voice on an integrated national project to fight corruption was in power, noting that "all parties, sects and ethnic groups responsible for the existing corruption and abuse of power can not be the one to shirk from its responsibilities.