Information «morning»: the next step feminine ministries

8/10/2015 0:00

Experts, legislators and demonstrators: Abadi decisions legitimate and justified

wrote political editor:

The Council of Ministers approved unanimously by the reformist decisions taken by Dr. Haider Abadi, the prime minister that all eyes to new decisions which it is prescribed in the take where I learned the "morning" It will focus on the integration of converged ministries in functions including It provides centers and privileges of big money, estimated at two billion dollars.

To so I took reflexes on the reformist decisions announced by Abadi yesterday morning the character of broad support by the masses and the leaders and parties, but analysts noted that the statements and the statements of representatives of the parties in power distributed among the different dialects in welcoming enthusiastic conditional approval and stand in the gray area, but the experts and lawmakers laws and activists demonstrated yesterday announced that decisions legitimate and justified, quoted canals media various statements and additional comments on the merits of the reasons behind these decisions and on the constitutionality.

In the meantime, close to the prime minister, a government source revealed , he told the "morning" that al-Abadi "intends to launch other reforms package in the Cabinet meeting tomorrow," noting that the new package would be "complementary to the Platform for reform adopted by the government and its decisions, which came in response to the demands of supreme religious authority and the desire of the demonstrators."

will include those decisions. " the upcoming "according to the source, who preferred anonymity," reducing the number of ministries or combined, in addition to issuing instructions and decisions that will eliminate the quota system, and implementation of administrative reform, financial and political, and address the sagging career, "stressing that" the Prime Minister trend Petrhik ministries and integrate other to be 15 ministries in the final edition. "