Blibl calls for private sector involvement in the stalled projects

8/10/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - the joy of pumice
in support of resolutions and goals which recently set by the government for the revitalization of the private sector, called on Prime Athal Iraqi businessmen need to involve the sector in the decision-leadership-making, for possession of competencies that can enrich this experience views of reality and closer to reality.

President of the Union Reza Ragheb Blibl said the "morning": "It has to be private sector involvement, especially as the state owns the Angels without abundant funds, while the private sector has the potential and competencies being able to engage with the public sector."

He added Blibl that the conditions that offer some of the public sector companies prohibitive for the private sector and cause an added cost the product, so it must provide a set of conditions for the private sector participates the public sector and the provision of facilities projects. The President of the Union need private sector participation in government decision-making and investment efficiencies economic and minds with knowledge of the experiences of countries in the world, to facilitate this process, along with his participation (private sector) in the stalled government projects that bear State damage employees and expenses and other where the expenses.

He pointed to the possibility of post the private sector in government investment projects if the available airspace and the mechanism transparent, through the application of the laws in force that supports the work of the private sector as a law tariff to control the dumping of commodity in the Iraqi market, as well as undergoing quality control, as it stressed the provision of a national protection in the country for the acts of the private sector through the implementation and application of those laws enacting economic years ago there to be real competition.