First, the economic file

8/10/2015 0:00

Yasser incumbent
Behold, I have permission to start economic reforms popular and legitimate mandate makes the prime minister is able to achieve, here jumps economic profile in the foreground, where his administration require high-level competencies and Here country full of them but marginalized came their turn to make its contribution.

We wrote a lot about the importance of consulting in the study and determine the the size of the problems and develop appropriate solutions to them, but for any advice we were talking, army of current advisers did not provide little but they were to fill the voids and our pro forma casting imposed by the transition conditions took advantage of the honor and reward not for planning and creativity being far from the jurisdiction.

For this we pointed out in the introduction to the column to the importance of jumped the economic file and search of managed efficiently help lift the economy from distortions that characterized the result of misguided policies, which led to the result of the failures are reaping the results of the first oil shock the experts had warned her and dependence on oil revenues.

Now there are still opportunity may be the last out of the predicament the economic situation fragile harmful financial crisis, which exposed her to reasons known, is required to make way for economists put their perceptions resolve problematic economy optimization and the way in which we deal them to activate the supporting economic programs of the country and this depends certainly a good selection of mature management of the economic file. It's time to manage local production wheel and stop import a lot of goods and commodities is no luxury useful and leave to the possibility of diversification of domestic production, which contributes to the revitalization of the capital spin internally, especially as the austerity measures began their effects visible, also requires that includes austerity to stop most of the purchases of luxury and narrow MIE is necessary in the ministries. Also it requires that the need to reduce and identify the official deputations and at all levels with the exception of the mission, including the requirements relating to the sustainability of the economy and the defense of the country, and these steps fall within the recommendations and the economic file management tasks as well. Bold decisions taken by the Council of Ministers in many joints in the state but they need to monitor the implementation and not to allow them to wrap in the search for new opportunities. We read in the actions and decisions of the economic reforms which Achttha cabinet gesture of good starting Nhotsahih the national economy and to ensure the path to meet the challenges and to reduce the effects of the economic crisis that hit the global economy in the offshoots also .han time to activate the Council to proceed reconstruction phase of nation-building.