"Reference" I phoned Abadi Friday morning ... and reforms on 3 stages

Supreme religious authority, Ali al-Sistani

09/08/2015 21:28

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Reform project, which began its implementation Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi began to prepare his morning last Friday, after receiving a phone call by the religious authority in Najaf, urging him to form a small committee of experts and advisers from his office and representatives to develop a package of reforms going through three different stages.

These decisions that have abolished the positions of key ministers and deputies of the Republic, that will provide a lot of money to the state budget, estimated at 40 billion Iraqi dinars.

It is hoped that the prime minister sent a paper to reform the House of Representatives and is included on the meeting agenda next Tuesday for a vote.

MP says Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, a member of a coalition of state law (range), that "there are contacts took place between the Prime Minister and the Office of the religious authority in Najaf morning last Friday during which agreed to form a small committee of experts and advisers from Abadi's office and a representative of reference for the development package of reforms. "

He said Jafar "after the Friday sermon in Karbala Prime Minister announced his support for all the proposals to form a reference to a higher committee to study all the points and paragraphs reform," pointing out that "this mini-committee was working to provide a series of new reforms."

He said a member of a coalition of state law saying that "the reforms that the oldest Haider al-Abadi will be included on the agenda of the parliamentary session next Tuesday for a vote and enter into force," expected to "change would include the majority of the sites and positions and equally for all the political blocs."

The leader of the Dawa Party that "the Prime Minister received more than 20 proposal of various parties and blocs and parties and personages media address the issue of government limbering and the abolition of some positions," pointing out that "mini-committee reviewed the proposals and included in some of the observations and began its implementation."

And confirms MP Jassem Jaafar said "mini-committee set a timetable for a package of reforms, it will go through three first stages of the Cancel key deputies Republic, ministers, and the second to ensure the integration of ministries and feminine part of them, and the third phase cancel some independent bodies, sites and positions."

However, by state law, saying "we can not ad currently second phases details and the third for fear of political pressure that may be exerted by the blocks on the Prime Minister in order to be fully procrastination issue", stressing that "the subject of reforms organized according to time and governed by specific steps tables."

Minister of Youth and former Arahj that "the second phase include the integration of the Ministry of Electricity and Oil Ministry and one, health, environment, youth and culture, water resources and agriculture," expected "abolition of the Ministry of human rights and women within the second phase," but noted that "the second phase is still under study Higher Committee its decisions would be taken during the next few days. "

For his part, Awad al-Awadi, MP for the Liberal bloc, says that "all the political blocs with reformist steps involved and cancel some sites and positions in the Iraqi government and the state in line with the aspirations of the masses and the reference."

He said al-Awadi, told the (range), that "these decisions will provide large sums of money ranging between 30-40 billion dinars to the treasury of the Iraqi state," adding that "the abolition vice presidents and ministers offices in the provinces and Baghdad will provide these amounts for the remainder of Fiscal year".

On the other hand says MP from the bloc citizen Layla al-Khafaji, said "These steps are consistent with what the task demanded by the reference and the masses to eliminate the slack in the subject of feminine ministries," indicating that the mass "with the reforms adopted by Haider al-Abadi."

Confirmed al-Khafaji, told the (range) that "all political forces within the National Alliance with the reform steps made by Haider Abadi, giving him considerable momentum to move his program's new."