Bahaa al-Araji resigns from his post: Who accused me is under my feet
Sunday, 09 August 2015 14:25

Shafaq News / Bahaa al-Araji, announced his resignation from the post of Deputy Prime Minister, hours after al-Abadi's decision to dismiss the Vice President of the Republic

and the government from their posts.

Abadi’s decision needs a parliamentary vote to become in progress.

Araji is facing an investigation on charges of financial corruption attributed to him, while stressed that "these abusive claims adopted by some biased media and a number of anti social networks came because of his (al- Araji) and his response to government responsibility."

Aaraji said in a press conference held in the Iraqi parliament , attended by Shafaq News, "There are corrupted personalities that does not want the government to succeed, but rather try to bring it down, There are secrets that cannot be revealed in order to preserve this stage. But we will reveal them in the future."

"The campaign is not against me only but against the Iraqi government, so I will put all those who accused me of corruption under my feet and serve Iraq and the Iraqis, and I recommend all my brothers to stand with the Prime Minister and vote on the reforms put forward by him,” he added.