AUGUST 9, 2015
Thousands of Iraqis gathered in the four provinces of support for "reform steps Abadi"

Iraq - Anatolia - rallied thousands of Iraqis, on Sunday, in four Iraqi provinces, in support of the actions taken by the Iraqi prime minister, "Haider al-Abadi," which, aimed to make political reforms, and improve the economic reality, and the fight against corruption of the financial and administrative.
Reporters gathered activists and civilians in Tahrir Square, the center of the capital, "Baghdad", in support of the action Abadi, adopted by the Council of Ministers today at its special session, and raised during the vigil of solidarity banners reading "people authorized Abadi."
He said, "Mohammed Hassan", one of the participants in the vigil Altdaminh, told Anatolia: "The measures approved by the Council of Ministers today is the precedent .. Yes, we feel that there is hope in the reform, and rebuilding the country after years of corruption and destruction."
"We stand in solidarity today with the Prime Minister in reforms has taken, and we will watch the House of Representatives this week, voted in favor of steps Abadi is required, although there were opposition and the reluctance of new Fsntazahr against the dissolution of parliament and call."
The provinces also saw "Babel," and "Maysan," and "Dhi Qar" this evening, and stops of solidarity for the hundreds of citizens, an expression of support for the reform steps Abadi, through to the implementation of all the terms and paper reform approved by the Council of Ministers today.
The paper included the reform announced by Abadi and adopted later the Council of Ministers, the abolition of the special allocations presidencies, bodies and institutions, and the abolition of the posts of Vice President and Prime Minister, and the reopening of past and current files of corruption, in a move that is the first of its kind, on the road to a broad reforms.
Abadi steps came after a wave of protests in the central and southern provinces last Friday, demanding reforms to the demand side, "Ali al-Sistani," the Shiite religious authority, to Ebadi to conduct wide reforms in the joints of the state.
In addition, he urged "Moqtada al-Sadr," the leader of the Sadrist movement, on Sunday, the House of Representatives (Iraqi Parliament), to pass the steps approved by the Council of Ministers, and on reform, and threatened to establish demonstration in their millions if parliament rejected the government's proposals.
He said, "Salah al-Obeidi," Sadr's spokesman, at a press conference in Najaf (south) and followed by the reporter, "Anatolia", "Given the exceptional circumstances and Oukova with the Iraqi people and the demands of reference aimed at confronting the corruption, we call on Iraqis to go out demonstrations Magdy Rady told parliament, in If his refusal to vote on the reform decisions announced by the Prime Minister. "
"The next stage requires the provision of services and social justice and a commitment to the recommendations announced," and urged government institutions and independent bodies to "stand in front of whatever they were corrupt and return rights".
And supported the political forces in Iraq (Shiite and Sunni), earlier today, Sunday, the last decisions Abadi, foremost of which is the abolition of the posts of Vice President and Prime Minister and open the files of corruption.
In the same context, the presidency announced that the territory of northern Iraq, on Sunday, support for all the steps that lead to reforms and remove obstacles in state institutions, according to a statement of the presidency of the region.
He noted the statement faxed to Anatolia, to take into account the region to reform entitlements, and the size of its participation process, as well as the rest of the religious and national components, and that this process is going in the agreed constitutional framework and administrative context.