Claim on the government of Kurdistan investigation with the "mother Sayyaf" about the fate of the "captives"

Twilight News / Supreme Council for Women's Affairs called in the Kurdistan Region, on Sunday, the provincial government for an investigation with Nasreen Asad Ibrahim, nicknamed the "mother Sayyaf" about the fate of girls and women Alaesideat who were abducted by the organization "Daash" after its invasion of Sinjar in Nineveh province last year, to reveal their fate and seek rescued.

A statement of the Council responded to Twilight News, the US Defense Department (Pentagon) announced that the United States handed over last Thursday, "the mother Sayyaf", who was arrested earlier this year in eastern Syria, to the Interior Ministry in the provincial government.

Council statement promised to deliver "the mother Sayyaf" to the authorities of the region, an important issue, pointing out that the so-called information and by frequent, have a significant role in the process of trade and the captivity of women and girls was Alaesideat, and during her detention was liberated Yazidi girl in her home.

The statement called on the Ministry of Interior in the government of the province Kordsstan Iraq, a detailed and thorough investigation with "terrorist" mentioned, especially in regards to trade file and the captivity and the abduction of women and girls Alaesideat For information helps to renew the programs and intensify efforts to Tharirallaty to Azln slaves, however, "Daash", and offer more support for survivors.

The United States has handed over Thursday, August 7, the Kurdistan Region authorities widow "Abu Sayyaf", the leader of the organization "Daash", which had been arrested after the raid of the alliance claimed the lives of her husband eastern Syria.

A statement from the US Department of Defense, that Nasrin happiest Ibrahim known as the "mother Sayyaf" had been delivered to the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, stressing that the delivery decision is based on the conviction the US government that the delivery of "mother Sayyaf" to Iraqi authorities in line with the legitimate and intelligence and security considerations .

She also pointed out that the delivery process is in line with the Pentagon's policy of detention and interrogation of persons arrested on the battlefield.