Araji officially announces his resignation

Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, announced his resignation from his post, stressing that the Cabinet will send decisions reformist Prime Minister to parliament for a vote in next Tuesday's session.

He said al-Araji told a news conference that the campaign faced were not against him alone but "targeted the Iraqi government."

He stressed the need to search for corruption and on the money that was stolen in the last period and added: "I recommend my brothers are all political blocks to stand with the prime minister and vote on the reforms made ​​by, because it is in the interest of Iraq and all Iraqis."

He described al-Araji, who consider al-Abadi is brave to "Allowahmin" he said, "but there are priorities," likely that the House will vote at a meeting next Tuesday on the decisions Abadi, ruling out any party standing against it.