Deputies: employees' salaries is a red line .. and the government bears the budget deficit

8/9/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD Shaima Rashid

Warned the number of members of the House of Representatives, from prejudice to salaried employees and retirees, and while underlining that the incomes of public sector employees a red line that can not be compromised no matter what ", called on the government to assume its responsibility in the matter of the shortfall in the budget, and not to throw on the shoulders of the employee Simple.

MP for the coalition of "state law" Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi, said that his coalition is employees' salaries is a red line and warns of "compromised for any reason, and not taking savings compulsory."

He added Saadawi "morning" that "the Council of Ministers' decision was clear on reduction of the three presidencies' salaries, and the rest of state employees have not been deducting any amounts of them, "noting that" the state has not yet applied savings compulsory and has the funds to pay the rest of the debt obtained from the World Bank. "

He continued: "The government does not need to provide These amounts by state employees, but rather the contrary, the government should make the salaries of its employees a red line and not compromised, "noting that" the rumors in the media of the deduction of employees' salaries action is incorrect and the prime minister is moving to cut salaries or reduced, whether employees or retired ". It is said that MP from the "Union of Forces," Ahmed al-Jubouri, suggested the deduction of 5 percent of the total salary of employees and retirees as "compulsory savings", stressing that the move will save the amount of two billion dollars to the state treasury to be re withholdings them yet overcome the crisis. Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said that the Legislative Council "will not be allowed to prejudge the salaries of staff and reduction," calling on everyone to participate in budget support due to the financial crisis experienced by the his part, said MP from the "coalition forces" Ahmed milkfish, that his parliamentary bloc against any decision which affects the salaries of employees or retirees.

Milkfish said in a statement the "morning": that "the employee with the current salary still needs to increase ... how if it had cut another part of his salary," stressing that it is unfair that the right of the employee and retiree both.

He added: "Yes, there is an economic crisis and the budget deficit, but this is not the duty of the employee, but the duty of the state," noting that any proposal in this regard does not exceed the media of bids.

Furthermore, MP from the "National Alliance" Rubaie, the need for government support for retirees and employees with lower grades and increase their salaries, calling to reduce the difference in salaries between the owners of the higher grades and lower.
Rubaie said in a statement the "morning": that "employees owners of the lower grades and retirees needing Xiaodthm rather than withholding them."

The Cabinet approved the end of July last, to reduce senior positions allocations and the three presidencies, and decided that the amount received by the President of the Republic and the parliament by salary and allowances of the Prime Minister.