Escape to one of the parties, a senior official in the Kurdistan assassination attempt

Roudao- Erbil - He survived Deputy Secretary General of the hard-working group of Kurdish, satisfaction Kaabi, an assassination attempt, on Saturday, at the headquarters of (Bana football), located between Zrkoiz and Qaradagh village in Sulaymaniyah.

He said Kaabi network Roudao media that "one group fighters tried to kill me, but the good fortune attempt failed," explaining: "Remove the fighter his pistol to kill me, but he failed in his attempt after he caught his hand because I was close to it, then happened between us scuffles broke out and managed to escape and left the headquarters to an unknown destination. "

And between Kaabi said fighter named Fred Ahmadi, joined the party six months ago but he got the gun from unknown sources, pointing out that he had sent by the Iranian authorities to assassinate him, but failed to achieve what cost him but he managed to escape, adding that he informed the security authorities in Kurdistan, but they have not reached any trace of him.