Defense Minister: call reference will make us more strength

Twilight News / Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, Saturday, that "the corrupt and thieves" who had infiltrated the public money for the positions without right, as he emphasized that the call reference will make his ministry more strength and confidence as it goes.

Obeidi said in a statement that "The country is going through a difficult historical takes including terrorism and aggression to heart, and surrounded by spoilers and thieves of public money who sneaked into the sites and positions without right".

He added that "Call good reference was to put the finger on wounds Nasvat, the situation is described and diagnose their causes, and most importantly it pays those who hold to this country to enact reform all levels and forms and beating on corruption and corrupt with an iron fist without hesitation, and the establishment of efficient and experience the elements that abound in the country in the right places and assumed their positions, and those introductions success, priorities and the first article and cohesion. "

He explained that "the voice of the religious authority in Najaf good neighborhood express the voice of the Iraqis Collect and extract their quest for justice and their demands."

He pointed out that "the response has to be to be a job and tirelessly and institutions of adult and procedures and practical steps touches are the people and their demands, the elevation in performance, and daring in execution, and visibility and order of priority in the fair approach is guided by the wisdom of good reference."

He continued that "the Ministry of Defense, although it Telmust steps and Thssthe on curriculum reform and Calendar and reconstruction trodden in recent months, the call reference will make it more strength and confidence, including marched him and trodden in the footsteps of and approach to choose efficient and fair and professional leaders, and stay away from sectarianism and nationalism quotas, and the removal the army for political intersections, and the fight against corruption and the corrupt. "

And called on the Supreme religious authority Abadi to be more daring and courageous steps in the reform and beaten with an iron fist anyone who tampers people's money, and asking him not to hesitate to charge is not appropriate and that the shift was supported by the party to which he belongs.