Iraq ninth globally issuing construction permits and plans to reform its system to increase investment

Author: MJM
Editor: BK, BS

08.08.2015 6:05 p.m.

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Ministry of Construction and Housing, on Saturday, on the progress Iraq ranked ninth out of 189 countries in the Doing Business Report announced by the World Bank for 2015, in the standard issuance of building permits, hoping the application of a new system for the issuance of such licenses in the next September, to reduce red tape citizens and investors, and reduce cases of illegal construction, and increase the safety of buildings, and the elimination of "corruption" in order to ensure increased investment activity.

This came through the participation of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Aestbrq Ibrahim thorns, in the scientific symposium hosted by the Economic Studies Department at (House of Wisdom) under the title "international indicators of the business environment and the ways the national response", headed by Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, paper marked work (Reform Project issuance of building permits in Iraq / indicator for the development of the business environment), and attended by the (long-Presse).

The agent said, "The Ministry of Construction and Housing working group chaired reform issuance of building, which includes representatives from the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works and the Municipality of Baghdad in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Holidays project," adding that "the project aims to reduce the administrative burden and simplify the procedures on the beneficiary whether citizen or investor, and reduce the incidence of direct contact between demand and government agencies submitted, with capacity building for workers on leave issue at all job levels, and reduce construction cases illegal, and increase the safety of buildings, and the elimination of corruption, in order to ensure increased investment activity. "

He thorns, that "the team choose the cities of Baghdad, Basra and Arbil, the beginning of the pilot application of the project in preparation for its implementation at the national level in all provinces," noting that "the team performed over more than three years, the legal system for building permits to be working in Iraq as the first system talk in this area, "noting that" the system is currently being discussed in the Council of State in preparation for approval by the Council of Ministers to re-procedures and steps to abolish signatures and approvals is necessary that do not affect the safety of the building engineering. "

According to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, that "the team oversaw the training of about 1,100 workers in the issuance of building permits in the provinces on a wide range of technical and managerial concepts, and the final lines of the model-mail to the issuance of building permits," and expressed hope "the direct application of the new system experimentally beginning next September. "

During the seminar and presented working papers international indicators of the business environment and the site where Iraq dealt with based on the annual reports issued by the World Bank and the impact on the reality of the investment environment in Iraq.

The Doing Business Reports is a series of annual reports on the fact-systems business activities in all countries of the world, in order to enhance investment activity and those that hampered presents quantitative indicators including the issuance of construction and delivery of electricity, paying taxes and getting credit and enforcing contracts and protecting investors leave.