Maliki calls for political blocs to support Abadi and not be held responsible for what happens

Publishing Date: Sat, 08 Aug two thousand and fifteen 5:32:40 p.m.

Student Vice President Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday, the political blocs to support Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, considering the last load responsibility for what happens as a "great injustice", as warned of attempts by "enemies of Iraq" to infiltrate the demonstrations "as happened in Anbar and Mosul".

Maliki said in a statement issued on the sidelines of the annual festival to commemorate the start of the twentieth revolution in Muthanna province, and received agency news of the day a copy, "The first revolution is an uprising of the people to be free and to get rid of the forces of tyranny, and what we are doing today is an extension of what he has done our ancestors in the revolution twenty. "

He added Maliki," kicks off today Sons of Iraq under the popular crowd, which responded to the call reference and home address, and to Junbhm sons of the armed forces of various Alsnov to face the fiercest campaign and the attack suffered by the region, not just Iraq, since this attack represented a black deep sectarian winds hit the region, We had repeatedly warned them as they were aimed at the unity of Muslims and the dispersion of the respondents. "

Maliki pointed out, "we believe in the freedom to demonstrate and claim services but we have to beware of attempts by the enemies of Iraq to infiltrate the demonstrations in order to be deflected from its objectives as happened in Anbar and Mosul when pierced organizations Daash and al-Qaeda tents sit and began plotting to overthrow the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar."

He pointed out that "after the plot was hatched and it turned out the involvement of the former parliament and officials in the province of Nineveh, what happened happened and it seemed our children in Mosul and Anbar are suffering and have become displaced after dominated Daash backed conspirators, but today everyone has become aware of what committed this malevolent political class of crimes against the people Iraqi pariahs they became isolated, and this will open the way for we be brothers who are partners in dealing with the enemies of Iraq. "

He said, "The government today has the support of the religious authority, and this support has not been done by previous governments so everyone has to contribute to the reform and the elimination of corruption and the corrupt."

Maliki has demanded politicians to "support the steps the Prime Minister in the reform to bring about reforms that do not carry him responsibility gets because this is a great injustice and everyone shares in the responsibility," stressing that "it is sumptuously privileges and rights he has to take responsibility and stand-by-side prime minister and the government in the implementation of reforms. "

The supreme religious authority called, on Friday (August 7, 2015), Abadi to be more "daring and courage" in his steps reform, and beatings with an iron fist anyone who "tampering" people's money, and asking him not to hesitate to charge is not appropriate and that the shift was "supported ".