Public Social Media Campaign for Malilki prosecution 8/8
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Thread: Public Social Media Campaign for Malilki prosecution 8/8

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    Public Social Media Campaign for Malilki prosecution 8/8

    Documents and images. Demanding the prosecution of Al-Maliki. # Ghaemi. Public campaign launched by protesters on Tahrir square Facebook "teeming" resonate!

    The crowd announced Friday in Baghdad's Tahrir square, a mass campaign called # ghaemi, which prosecuted former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.
    And the protesters crossed the view campaign # ghaemi lmhakamh Al-Maliki, say it "launched our campaign of public awareness of great knowledge of the cause in all displays and against Iraq and its people destruction in all the joints of the economic, social and State life".

    He said one of the protesters who have adopted a campaign demanding the prosecution of Al-Maliki, "we in our knowledge of the main cause responsible for wasting public money, and the loss of Iraq's previous budgets, and the sheer amount of disability reform budget 2015, in addition to the austerity", stating that "important investigations and tried to cover up their political deals, everyone knows that Al-Maliki and his minions are causing our children killed in massacre at Spyker and Badush prison, are caused by the granting of terrorist organizations occupied provinces" keys.

    They noted that "Maliki should be tried for the destruction caused during the period of his reign, during the past eight years, before repeating what the other corrupt politicians, escape out of Iraq, a State which does not deal with Iraq handover to the Government."

    Here are some images that spread widely through Facebook pages, in the Declaration of the Baghdad protesters their audience. n%3Dview%26id%3D7221
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    Re: Public Social Media Campaign for Malilki prosecution 8/8

    Looks like the people at waking up to the fact that M is the reason there has been so much suffering in Iraq. Hopefully they with move to remove him soon.

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