Najafi: Maliki cause destruction and havoc Iraq 8/8
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Thread: Najafi: Maliki cause destruction and havoc Iraq 8/8

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    Najafi: Maliki cause destruction and havoc Iraq 8/8

    Najafi: Maliki cause destruction and havoc Iraq

    Baghdad / Iraq News Network carrying Iraqi Vice President Osama Najafi counterpart, Vice President Nuri al-Maliki full responsibility for the deterioration of the security and political situation and service that has plagued Iraq during his tenure as prime minister, and called for Mbkrh.utalb Najafi elections in dialogue with the Middle East today: Maliki is responsible for the "destruction of the country."

    He called Najafi, on the other hand the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi to return to the House of Representatives and the re-vote of confidence in his government older year has been unable to achieve the government program put forward and clear through all the data it is able to implement this program .orda to a question as to whether it was intended and document the political agreement that regard, many of which demands an alliance of Iraqi forces (Sunni bloc in the Iraqi parliament), which belongs to Najafi Iraqi Vice-President, said that a close political agreement is another issue note that he did not carry out the majority of what has been agreed it at the level of the agreed issues, but what I mean is not this document that are related parties and political blocks, but the government program, which the government has pledged to implement it, which calls for the prime minister to clarify these things and assess the work of each minister so that they can be to the dismissal of Minister negligent or re-vote and ask confidence from the new government, but even if it came to the new elections, which are secreted from the demonstrations of perceptions prove the failure of the current political system, which requires a return to the people .orda to a question whether it was possible to hold elections in the Sunni western provinces that are the main stronghold Ngeevi for himself and coalition forces, he said that "the idea remain, you may not be quick implementation, but important people in my opinion, until it is his choice."
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