Saturday, 08 August 2015 12:40
The Governor of the Central Bank: the World Bank is ready to finance small projects to reduce external borrowing

Baghdad/Al baghdadia news ... The Iraqi Central Bank, announced Saturday its readiness to continue lending banks and microfinance to alleviate the financial crisis and spare the country from foreign borrowing.
The Governor said the Alp as on relationships in his speech at the Conference to grant loans to banks and attended by/Al baghdadia news, "the Central Bank is ready to launch these amounts, you should not take these initiatives is time consuming and investing these funds in projects, and we hope that this initiative of the aspirations of the country."
He added that "microfinance represents the core activity, however, achieves a high percentage of the GDP, and perhaps the first in front of all sectors.
"That such a step would be an important breakthrough, and alleviate the financial crisis and spare the country from external borrowing," indicating that "the loan will be launched through dollar-term bonds are sold at discounted prices.
Relationship between Central Bank promised to "act as sensors for the Iraqi economy and sees through all activities from fund transfers and the sale of foreign currency," the World Bank stands ready to add more sums to banks in the future, in case of exhaustion of the $ 5 trillion dinars. "finished 21/n