Darraji: imported goods by 57% of oil imports over the past years

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - The Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji, Saturday, that the problem lies in poor planning and management of the country's import file, as pointed out that Iraqimported goods by 57% of oil imports during the past eight years.

Said Darraji in a speech during a conference on the Declaration and discuss the launch of industrial, agricultural and real estate bank lending mechanism, held at the Sheraton Hotel and attended by Alsumaria News , he said that "our problem lies in poor planning and management of imports in the country file," explaining, "We do not hold anyone responsible, but if we go back for we have seen the use of imports during the past eight years was 221.6 billion dollars, accounting for almost 57% of oil imports to eight years. "

Darraji added that "this means that Iraq oil import goods were sold at about 57% of the price," adding that "this process is of great seriousness on the Iraqi economy because these amounts that we get out again out of Iraq."

Minister of Industry and continued that "if the Iraqi industry to develop the right way to meet part of these imports," pointing out that "if the activation of Article 36, which obliges all ministries to buy what you need from the Ministry of Industry, we could fill a need 25% of the imported goods" .

Most companies and laboratories of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and stopped production due to looting and sabotage of its companies and factories which occurred after the entry of coalition forces to Iraq in 2003.

Most of the Ministry of Industry and the companies amounting to 75 companies the process of borrowing from the Ministry of Finance for the rest of the third-party companies are able to become self-sufficient to cover the expenses and salaries of its members because most of them stopped working because of looting that hit and the flooding of local markets with goods.