The fact that: the judiciary may hamper Abadi on the application of "Where did you get this."

Special - scales News - He Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, Saturday that the Iraqi judiciary system may be an obstacle to the application of Prime Minister theory (Where did you get this), stressing that expose corruption process will be less difficult than it was in the past.

He said the fact that L / scales News / "The application of the principle (Where did you get this) of the most important steps that show the intentions and wishes of the prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi of reform and get rid of corruption in state institutions."

"The real problem that may hinder this decision is the legislative side, which regulates the investigation of corruption cases," stressing that "the Iraqi judiciary system take root and proven on the staff of the well-established since the founding of the Iraqi state and the Royal Prince so far may be an obstacle in the application of this theory."

"The Iraqi judicial system is based on the necessity to prove wrongful act of the evidence and the evidence as stipulated by the Constitution of the Iraqi contrary to the requirements of the fight against corruption process accidentally (Where did you get this)," noting that "the Iraqi judiciary is the burden of proving the illegality of the money earned it is the state with its institutions competent official. "

He noted the fact that "the Iraqi judiciary would be a hindrance to the Prime Minister for the application of the theory, but that does not preclude support Abadi in the fight against corruption and the corrupt," stressing that "the political blocs expressed their willingness to campaign for the detection of corruption and the corrupt from within the masses as the demonstrations will lead to the detection of corruption less difficult than previously to it. "

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi called on Monday, (August 3, 2015) to activate the principle of "Where did you get this", and pointed out that some of the children spend more than the prime minister, describing it as "unacceptable". Ended 29/4 e