Deputies: amendment of the Investment Law pillar to revive the Iraqi economy

August 2015 17:13 07

Direct said the Presidium of the House of Representatives member Hamoudi, Thursday, that the Second Amendment to the investment law reached its final stages for approval in the near future, noting that it represents a fundamental pillar for the country's recovery and support the investment sector economy, and create an attractive environment for international companies sober.

Hamoudi said according to a statement by the agency "pratha" It is necessary to initiate the establishment of the airport, which Tkfelth threshold Husseinia and decided to rename the airport Hussein (peace be upon him international) in Karbala as soon as possible, especially after all the possibilities and the provision of related supplies created. "

He noted "the overall services and obstacles to investment and the opportunities that exist and the need to accelerate the legislation of the law to find an opportunity to invest foreign capital in Iraq," stressing that "the Second Amendment to the investment law arrived at the final stages."