Deputy for the National: the Abadi Accounting courage or leave corrupt prime minister

7/8/2015 22:41

called on Deputy Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi National Alliance, to "be brave in the corrupt held accountable."
Said Yasser al-Husseini told all of Iraq [where] "the Abadi that Aejamml political blocs on the basis of the interests of the Iraqi people will either be Prime Minister of a successful and courageous or out of the prime minister and lends itself to other candidates who are unable to stand up to this impressive file".

He added that " Abadi demands of today to reveal corruption and fight and deal seriously with You, "calling the prime minister" to submit a comprehensive report to the House of Representatives which shows the efficiency and performance of ministers either courtesy and silence political and bookmakers think it will affect Abadi before anyone else and topple his government. "

He called al-Husseini "the prime minister to submit his report for cabin ministerial to decline each performance bloc and its minister in order to provide better than the alternative, because the Iraqi people have suffered the scourge for 12 years without a glimmer of hope lead to Ttminh and improve his standard of living services are worsened so much. "

He pointed out MP for the National that "many of the files of corruption that ran rampant in State institutions and demanded the Abadi fight these files, detect and hold negligent but regrettably there is political interference had prevented between the will of the Abadi, the Iraqi people and the implementation of these files "and expressed hope" that the prime minister offers the level of the capacity of ministers to the House of Representatives and restore their confidence annually The efficiency of each minister very important. "

He noted that "some political blocs may want to embarrass that stand in the will of its minister, who had to Aaitiaha change it so you should offer these ministers to the House of Representatives which determines the survival or not."

and went out on popular demonstrations in Baghdad and several provinces in protest poor services and corruption, as confirmed by the Supreme religious authority, today the people's right to demonstrate to demand their legitimate rights, loaded with the parties in power responsible for the country's problems, as Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi demanded that steps be taken "more courageous and daring" in the fight against corruption.

For his part, al-Abadi announced its commitment to the directives Reference vowing to announce a comprehensive plan to reform and implement the political forces calling to cooperate with him in the implementation of the reform program ".anthy 2