Abadi meet experts and talking about the "urgent reforms"

Twilight News / hold the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi meeting with a number of experts and advisers to discuss the administrative and financial reform and improve services and address the sagging career axes in addition to the allocation of an extended part on ways to tackle corruption and the corrupt.

And has become popular protests over the extensive recent weeks, the main concern for Iraqis who are impatient, seemed to bear the burdens of poverty and poor services and rampant corruption in government departments.

Since the toppling of the former regime in 2003 shared the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish positions in political parties, locally known as a quota system, which mainly contributed to the spread of corruption and corrupt impunity.

And it increased the momentum of popular demands join the Shiite authority in Iraq, the Supreme Ali al-Sistani voices advocating containment corruption in the country.
This time directed reference call directly to the prime minister Haider al-Abadi to take remedial steps more "daring and courage" and beaten with an iron fist for all people involved in corruption.

A statement by the Iraqi government, al-Abadi said, "accept it in meeting a range of measures which would adopt both within his constitutional powers or within the competence of the Council of Ministers, which will be presented in the near future."

Abadi said that "the government program which we started doing when the formation of the government and the subsequent actions we presented before the Council of Ministers to reduce some privileges, especially to reduce salaries and subsequent actions were consistent with trends wise for reference governance and that will give a great impetus for us, which requires kick by all workers in the state by the political blocs on the other."