Central and southern provinces vote rise up to provide for Alkhaddmat..oualemrdjaah Ebadi: Be bold

Since 07/08/2015 19:41 pm (Baghdad time)

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The majority of the central and southern provinces witnessed protest demonstrations popular mass varied Mtalibha between "political reform", and "provision of services" and "living conditions", and "the fight against corruption in government departments," and "infrastructure reform", and "power saving" pan provinces, this comes with an invitation Supreme religious authority in Najaf, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to be bold and courageous steps in the reform is not afraid of some political blocs and diagnosis of hampering the reform process.

And launched in Baghdad on Friday, a demonstration by thousands of people in Tahrir Square, the center of the capital to demand the provision of services and the fight against corruption and the corrupt.

A reporter / scales News / "The protesters waved Iraqi flags and chanted slogans demanding the accountability of the corrupt in the country fast and improve services."

In "while hundreds of people demonstrated Babil province, Friday, in front of the provincial council building providers a number of liabilities to protest against poor services and demanded that the fight against corruption and the corrupt and the abolition of the sectarian quota system."

A reporter / scales News / "The people of Babylon fired on their demonstration name" get out "and called for the abolition of sectarian quotas and resolve of the provincial council and re-election of a new board away from sectarianism."

But "in Basra demonstrators demanded the dismissal of general managers in the ministries of oil and electricity ministries and the rest of those who have spent more than four years in office," while "threatened the development of their demonstrations to civil disobedience in the event of failure to meet their demands."

As in the rest of the other provinces have received L / scales News / news from correspondents, on Friday, according to "Hundreds of" the people of Najaf and Samawah, Thi-Qar "to demand better services and the reform of state institutions and to hold accountable corrupt".

He said Mrasilwa / scales News / "The Anajafian demanded a quick solution to the problem of electricity deepening revealed the corrupt and the fight against corruption and to hold negligent," with "the people of Samawa demanded the dismissal of Mayali and improve the services and the fight against the corrupt and quick solution to the problem of electricity deepening", in "When a student Mtzaheroa Dhi Qar better services and the elimination of quotas and the revision of the political process. "

As a reporter / scales News /, that "the demonstrators said Karbala tried to storm the governor's building after hurled rocks and bottles of water," revealing that "the security forces and the police forces responsible for protecting the building fired tear gas at the demonstrators to disperse them."

This "and warned the religious authority today of" gravity of the situation in the absence of the development of radical solutions to the problems of citizens, "noting that" the political forces that have been and continue to hold the reins of power and the decision by the House of Representatives and the central government and local governments bear most of the responsibility for past problems, The experienced by the country today. "

With "said House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, on Friday, the importance of ending the existence of corrupt Iraqi people who have squandered funds, noting that the House of Representatives will be allocated the next meeting to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and set time limits for their achievement."

This "announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Friday, full commitment to the directives of the Supreme religious authority that expressed the concerns and aspirations of the Iraqi people, and as promised to announce a comprehensive plan for reform, called on the political forces to cooperate with him in the implementation of the reform program."

At the time, "announced a number of political forces and religious parties and parliamentary figures to participate in the political process, support for the guidance of the religious authority in the reform and the fight against corruption and support Abadi on his government" .anthy 29 / D 24