Central remittances

8/8/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
regulated by the Central Bank on the eighteenth of this month, a live auction for the sale of Hawwalath of the 91-day amount emissivity 200 billion dinars.
, said a source at the bank for "morning" that this auction will carry the number 143 c, a seventeenth of its kind within the central plan to issue Hawwalath for the current year, which includes the establishment of 26 auction, hoping to be the full amount of Asdarih sale beneficiary entities that will participate in the auction.

The source confirmed that the central systems in the August 4 auction of Hawwalath of the order itself and the amount of Asdarih eye, noting been selling the full amount of Asdarih 200 billion dinars at the price of a multi-utility and the highest discount rate 4.70 percent to six beneficiaries represented by four banks and the Departments of retirement and minors.