Parliamentary reform: we will vote on the dismissal of any official implicated in corruption case announced Abadi

Alsumaria News / Dhi Qar - The head of the Reform Bloc Hilal Sahlani, said Friday that his bloc would vote to dismiss any official involved in the corruption case announced by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi .

Said Sahlani in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "Reform Bloc supports any reforms will be undertaken Abadi in his government, particularly with regard to disclosure of spoilers and hold them accountable," noting that "the religious authority awarded the Prime Minister's official mandate was beaten with an iron fist on the corrupt regardless of affiliation It is a message to them and urge them to support the reference to the fight against corruption and to hold the corrupt ".

Sahlani "The Reform Bloc will vote on the dismissal of any official position in any case announced Abadi found to be involved in corruption."

The supreme religious authority called in earlier in the day Friday, Abadi to be more "daring and courage" in his steps reform, and beatings with an iron fist anyone who "tampering" people's money, and asking him not to hesitate to charge is not appropriate and that the shift was "supported".