Maliki planned to overthrow the government and the coup against legitimacy Maliki planned to overthrow the government and the coup against legitimacy

Adnan Kazim Ramahi Fri, 07 Aug 0.2015

The legacy that he inherited Dr. Haider Abadi prime minister from his predecessor Nuri al-Maliki were not only heavy, but a mountain of problems plaguing Iraq from north to south, the provinces fully landed in the hands of the organization of the Islamic state or the so-called Bdaash, a security collapse, a severe financial crisis , the lack of essential services, political problems, foreign intervention is trying to interfere in the decision of the Iraqi industry, and the worst and most dangerous of all is the destructive role that al-Maliki plays to overthrow the government and return to manage the country again, but this time a presidential system, the system that has become his Parliament members are calling for adoption after to change the constitution.

But as long as many politicians and activists launched the warnings of the danger of al-Maliki schemes which limitless to madness and criminality, but many people did not take it seriously, and remained Maliki weaves diabolical schemes from his position as deputy president of the republic, did not Abadi take any step towards these warnings only change enter the Green Zone cards and invalidate at least five thousand card held by militias loyal to the owners and that burned Baghdad Bmfajkhadtha devices and their packaging, but Abadi not yet been able to exclude the pro-owners from within the security forces in charge of the protection of the Green Zone from home and abroad.

Before the start of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square a few days, Landes loyal to the owners in the ranks of those calling for demonstrations across social networking Facebook networks and Twitter, and incited the masses to participate in, not out of love in Iraqis deprived of their services, but they seek to implement masterminded command at night.

On the evening of atheist and the thirtieth of July demonstrations it was launched with the participation of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis angry claimants to provide services such as electricity, water and improve living conditions, and was attended by many intellectuals, writers, artists, academics and elites leftist and liberal of all ages, and as usual Landes follow al-Maliki, the crowd waiting for guidance from the leadership, The police with smiling faces who distribute bottles of water on the demonstrators They were also ready to participate in the implementation of Maliki's plan hellish.

The plan was to require demonstrations symbols for track and cross the bridge of the Republic and swooping on the Green Zone from the door called the door of planning and committing the massacre victims are government figures and members of parliament (housed in the complex apartments) and the killing of Representatives Sunnis and Kurds are all after smuggling deputies of state law, as a matter of Karrada, and claim that people angry Parliamentarians executed in a spontaneous expression of anger behavior, and then announced to overthrow the government under the banner of (people's revolution), and then to swear allegiance to al-Maliki bear false legitimacy before the world public opinion in a way arguing that the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square are erected Maliki sole leader of Iraq.

Perhaps Abadi Pay attention one way or another to the seriousness of the situation, he issued an order to close the planning door immediately and prevent the entry and exit of vehicles and pedestrians Whatever their positions, and put tanks and military vehicles near the door from the inside, and he did the same thing in the other door (the door of the legislation), and ordered to keep the two sections closed In subsequent days, too.

Maliki so far has not cancel his plan to overthrow the government and ripping Parliament, taking advantage of the demonstrations and Iranian support secret, services are poor and poverty is rising and the poor have become throw their children in the popular crowd and send them to death in Al-Anbar and Salah al-Din in order to get allocations martyr protect them from starvation.

Maliki benefit from these deteriorating conditions to get on the legitimacy of the next of his coup, very briefly, Iraq will not live in peace as long as the al-Maliki alive, kill and blow up and betray and revenge and do what Aiktr imagined one, in order to seize power again.