Deputy Babylon criticizes "rush" transfer of powers and "admin tampering" 8/7
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Thread: Deputy Babylon criticizes "rush" transfer of powers and "admin tampering" 8/7

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    Deputy Babylon criticizes "rush" transfer of powers and "admin tampering" 8/7

    Deputy for Babylon criticizes the "rush" the transfer of powers and he describes as "administrative tampering"

    He criticized the MP for the Reform bloc honest we hinted, on Friday, "haste" in the transfer of powers to local governments, ministries, describing it as "administrative tampering", in what was considered that the provinces were not yet ready to manage large responsibilities.

    He said we hinted in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of which, "The transfer of powers will be difficult in practice and confusing on the ground," pointing out that "the rush to transfer the powers of the eight ministries run by local governments covered by administrative messes."
    > Governor of Babylon: local government is determined to provide better services to the liberated areas north of the province
    > Babylon: The number of displaced people exceeded 53 thousand to maintain and rents have doubled

    "The provinces that are not yet ready no big responsibilities of management, and will not be able to manage large files, the size of the powers of the ministries covered by the disengagement of the central government pursues provinces unless a new management method and effective policy in the siege of corruption and leave the partisan quotas and the sharing of positions."

    The governor of Babylon honest meaning of Royal confirmed, on Thursday (August 6, 2015) during a ceremony organized on the occasion of the transfer of powers from some ministries to local governments, that the transfer of powers project will happen "quantum leap" in the province path.

    The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Adviser Jamal al-Din al-Badri in (4 August 2015), that is more the province of Babylon governorate readiness to take over the transfer of powers from the service ministries file.

    The Act 21 of 2008 for provincial councils issued by the House of Representatives that the provincial councils regulatory and supervisory powers over all ministries and institutions except the courts, universities and the military.
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