Shawki: Next week will see the second reading of the amnesty law

Special - scales News -
Announced the Legal Committee member Salim Chawki, Thursday, for a draft amnesty law for the second reading next week, confirming the presence of a genuine desire of members of parliament to vote on the law and legislation.

Said Shawki's / scales News / "The amnesty law read the first reading, and there is the desire of the members of the House of Representatives, especially the Legal Committee that this law be a product so that it is possible to the inclusion of some of the crimes that do not have the risk of the state institutions such as the crimes committed by mistake or omission, negligence or some Jeraik where financial Dman by convicted or crimes related to civil issues where a waiver with the victims and the type of conciliation. "

"The law needs to be read the second reading until it is enacted and its work," stressing that "there is a desire of the political blocs to read the law and passed."

He said Shawki that "the Legal Committee decided to hold a workshop on 12/8 in the House of Representatives to host the concerned legal affairs in of judges and civil society organizations, university professors so that we can benefit from the guidance and Ndmnha within the second reading in the next week to the law."

The House of Representatives was completed Sunday (July 5, 2015) the first reading of the law of amnesty, while the Council added a paragraph on the agenda is the oath to the Messenger morning Hassan deputy substitute for Mohammed's Darraji, who served as Minister of Industry. ended 29/4